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About Our Rallies Our Lady

In a world torn apart by wars and rumors of wars and the crisis of scandals within the Church, only Our Lady of Fatima can help us.

Father Nicholas Gruner has traveled around the world for over 25 years to spread the Message of Our Lady of Fatima, accompanied by the miraculous Pilgrim Virgin Statue pictured right. Pope Paul VI solemnly blessed this holy image(one of 25 such statues) at Fatima, Portugal on May 13, 1967 for the express purpose of traveling to make Our Blessed Mother’s urgent message known, understood, appreciated, obeyed and to spread love and devotion to Her.

About the Pilgrim Virgin Statue. Handcarved from rosewood, Her delicate facial expressions have been known to change, showing varied emotions from happiness to sadness. Many have also reported the privilege of receiving from Her sacred statue a beautiful fragrance similar to that of the sweet perfume of flowers.

Your Questions Answered. At all our Rallies, all attendees are encouraged to participate in an open question-and-answer period about the Faith, the plight of the Church and the world, how Our Lady of Fatima’s message is crucial at this time and, more importantly, how you can help bring true peace to the world ... and save souls. Our Lady of Fatima has the answers to all the problems in our lives, in the Church and world. We need only listen and obey.

At each visit, Our Lady invites you to venerate Her holy image as you pray the Holy Rosary and, in particular, to invoke Her aid as Queen of the Most Holy Rosary.

To arrange a visit of Our Lady to your area, please e-mail us at The Fatima Center or call toll-free: 1-800-845-3047

Upcoming Rallies

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The Hour is Late...

“Only I Can Help You”
... Our Lady Of Fatima

Saturday, July 13, 2013
1:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Parc Jean Drapeau
1 Circuit Gilles Villeneuve,
Montreal, QC H3C 1A9 (Directions and Map)
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Reserve your seat, space is limited!

More information about Fatima, contact us at:

The Fatima Center:
452 Kraft Rd., Fort Erie, ON L2A 4M7

Phone: 1-800-845-3047
Fax: 1-905-871-2853

Please Join Us, Admission is FREE!

Archive of Audio Tapes & Transcripts

RALLIES - 2004
Bloomington, MN - 01/18
Miami, FL - 03/27
Orlando, FL - 03/28
Kansas City, MO - 05/22
RALLIES - 2003
Selma, CA - 03/01
Fresno, CA - 03/02
Galway, IR. - 05/30
Enniskillan, IR. - 04/01
Londonderry, IR. - 04/02
Belfast, IR. - 04/03
Dublin, IR. - 04/06
Cork, IR. - 04/09
Los Angeles, CA - 08/02
Ontario, CA - 08/03
Pittsburg, PA - 09/14
Syracuse, NY - 12/07
RALLIES - 2002
Tampa, FL - 02/24
Kansas City, KS - 04/04
Houston, TX - 04/07
E. Hartford, CT - 05/19
Cincinnati, OH - 06/09
Vancouver, BC - 07/07
Cleveland, OH - 07/14
Boston, MA - 08/11
Ontario, CA - 09/28
San Diego, CA - 09/29
Detroit, MI - 10/06
Buffalo, NY - 11/02
Toronto, ON - 12/01
Portland, ME - 12/07
Merrimack, NH - 12/08